Camp Bighorn

Youth ages 8-12 years old will experience all the wonders of Torrey Valley at “Camp Bighorn” which will be held at the Whiskey Mountain Conservation Camp on August 9-12, 2021 from 9:00 am-4:00 pm each day.

Camp Bighorn programs will focus on Bighorn sheep and their habitat. Activities in the Torrey Valley ecosystem will include; hiking, kayaking, learning about Bighorns, wildlife art, edible and medicinal plants ethnobotany, water ecology, archery and more! Hosted by the National Bighorn Sheep Center in partnership with the Wyoming Community Foundation, Wyoming Wildlife Foundation, Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation and Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The incredible assets of our local Whiskey Mountain, its bighorn sheep herd, the Upper Wind River Valley and the wildlife resources of this area, provide youth with a firsthand account of ecology, natural history, and wildlife management. Dedicated staff alongside a team of committed volunteer instructors lead youth in a place-based education experience.

Part of the mission of the National Bighorn Sheep Center is to inspire. Camp Bighorn functions as an entry point for youth’s engagement and knowledge of the outdoors and wildlife. It is a priority of staff to continue engaging students and participants after the program. Through an interactive newsletter distributed to camp participants, involvement of students and volunteers continues. Functioning as a forum for further collaboration and revisiting Camp Bighorn themes, these newsletters engage all past camp participants, share educational activities, provide refreshers on Camp Bighorn material, and invite students to continue on their path of learning about all wildlife and conservation.

For parents looking for an adventure of your own, drop your kids off at Camp Bighorn each morning then take off for an adventure of your own in the Upper Wind River Valley. From fishing and camping to more glamorous stays at local guest ranches in the beautiful Dubois, WY area, YOU can have a great vacation while your kids learn and adventure at Camp Bighorn!

Scholarships are available (for up to full $200 camp tuition) and the scholarship application formcan be found at . This 4-day camp costs $200 tuition plus $50 registration fee per youth with meals and snacks included.

Contact person/phone/e-mail: Karen Sullivan, 307-455-3429,

Face masks are required unless we are outdoors and can stay at least 6 feet apart.