Hunting in Wind River Country

Hunting in Wind River Country is superb due to the hundreds of thousands of public land that is relatively undisturbed. It has one of the highest success rates in the country. Some licenses are more rare—draws like bighorn sheep are considered once-in-a-lifetime hunts.

If you are thinking of hunting in Wind River Country, your first call should be to Wyoming Game and Fish or to one of the licensed outfitters and guides listed on this page. Applying for permits needs to be done months in advance, and different licenses have different deadlines, be sure to plan ahead. Both Wyoming Game and Fish and an outfitter can walk you through the process.

Wind River Experience

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One Shot Antelope Hunt

In 1940 Harold Evans and Hank Dahl hosted the first One-Shot Antelope Hunt, inspired by the pioneers whose guns allowed only one shot before the game would disappear. The event has inspired similar ones around the world and draws people from all over to Lander each September.

There is no question that Wind River Country has incredible hunting opportunities. There are big game and upland birds and waterfowl hunting in the area.

Hunting in Wind River Country is walking in the footsteps of generations before. The sport is an important part of the area’s history. You’ll be able to stare up at the same startling peaks, wander near the same quiet creeks, and hopefully take home the same type of meat generations before have harvested in the area.

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