May 6, 2016

ATLANTIC CITY, WYO. – Miner’s Delight Inn will host a Wyoming Whiskey tasting here on May 14, 2016, from 2 till 5 p.m. Miner’s Grubstake Restaurant will offer a lunch special before the tasting.

WW barrel head & 2 special bourbonsIn the past you’ve been attracted to this tiny town at the southeastern tip of the Wind River Mountain Range to sip single malt Scotch whisky. Innkeepers Barbara and Bob Townsend will offer this one-time glimpse of the evolution of bourbon whiskey, Wyoming style.

Before the tasting head up to Atlantic City for a lunch special at the Miner’s Grubstake Restaurant. Laurel and Dale plan to whip up one of their always fabulous specials for lunch so you can enjoy a great meal before settling in at Miner’s Delight Inn for this one-of-a-kind bourbon tasting.

Last fall Wyoming Whiskey co-owner David DeFazio called Bob to ask whether he’d be interested in the distillery’s latest limited edition bottlings from Wyoming’s first legal distillery. Having been affiliated with the distillery since its grand opening, Bob said, “Of course.” So the cogs were put in motion for the Townsend’s Two-bit Cowboy Saloon to receive a six-pack of the latest Single Barrel bourbon and two bottles of a special release called Barrel Strength.

Miner’s Delight Inn

Immediately Barbara and Bob decided they would share the special bottles with as many folks as possible. One bottle of the Barrel Strength bourbon went to the Loch Katrine Whisky Club in Cody, where the club’s 28-strong membership will enjoy it. The other bottle will be served at the Wyoming Whiskey tasting at the inn.

A leaking bourbon barrel produced only 111 bottles of the Barrel Strength bourbon whiskey. About one-third of those bottles stayed in Wyoming, and the remainder went to other places where the Cowboy’s State’s bourbon has become popular. The retail price for a bottle was $210.

The Wyoming Whiskey tasting will span the spectrum of bourbons released by the distillery in Kirby, another dirt-streeted Wyoming town with few inhabitants. First up will be the inn’s last bottle of Wyoming Whiskey Batch 1, which was officially released at the distillery at three years of age on December 1, 2012. Next will be Batch 15, the distillery’s first four-year-old bourbon, which came out in October 2013. Then Batch 30 followed by the Single Barrel and Barrel Strength whiskies, which were bottled late in 2015 at about five and a half years of age.

The tasting will cost $50. But wait! Along with sipping five half ounce samples of Wyoming Whiskey, you’ll take home a half-sized (375ml) bottle of Wyoming Whiskey Batch 30, which retails for $25.

No reservations required, but call Bob at Miner’s Delight Inn – (307) 332-0248 – with questions about the tasting or Laurel at Miner’s Grubstake – (307) 332-0915 — for details about the lunch special.

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