May 19, 2023

Fly fishing in the Winds. Photo: Paula McCormick
Episode #65: Wyoming Golden Trout and Grayling Fishing Tips and Tricks with Patrick Edwards

On this episode of RadCast Outdoors, David asks Patrick about a backcountry fishing trip into the Wind River Range with the objective of chasing golden trout and grayling.

Patrick talks about catching goldens, grayling and brookies with Jimmy and Mike and also provides details about the hiking experience.

The Wind River Range boasts beautifully rugged scenery, complete with high mountain lakes that are home to a variety of fish. But it is usually the golden trout that people seek, named for its coloring, golden with stripes of oranges or reds. Golden trout thrive in the high elevation backcountry lakes of the Wind River Mountains, which is one of the premier places for fishing golden trout in the United States.

David and Patrick talk about the magic of the crystal clear lakes and the feeling of being able to watch a fish come up to the line. Goldens are very wary of their surroundings. They are easily spooked, but Patrick gives a few tips and tricks to catch one. Tune in to hear about the wild experience of fishing alpine lakes in the Wind River Range and the special feeling of being in the backcountry.

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Golden Trout
Golden Trout. Photo: RadCast Outdoors
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