September 29, 2017

The first day of fall dawned gray and rainy. There was already snow in the high country. It was a beautiful day, but chilly. So I went out for cupcakes, which turned into a quest across Wind River Country. I invite you to join me for loving gazes into the glass displays soon!

English Muffin Bakery & Espresso

Location: 132 Main Street, Hudson
Sampled treats:

Cupcakes from English Muffin Bakery in Hudson

  • Apple cider cupcake: The delectable cream cheese cider icing is to die for. Enjoy it atop a gently apple cake, and you’re fully immersed in all the things we love about autumn. I particularly enjoyed the pun and crunch of the gold sprinkled on top.
  • Pumpkin cupcake: The pumpkin and the sweet frosting with a hint of spice in this bright orange treat blend beautifully. In sum: it is fall in a bite.
  • Sweet heat cupcake: The chocolate on chocolate cupcake has hidden heat and ganache inside. I was told this first batch would be a little mild and they would get more aggressive with the ghost peppers. I look forward to that, as heat is revered when temps drop and it certainly didn’t have too much bite.

Menu: Full menu of breakfast, lunch, coffee, alcoholic drinks, homemade ice cream, and baked goodies. Cupcakes are always available at the English Muffin.

Katie’s Cakery

Location: 318 East Main Street, Riverton
Sampled treats:

  • German chocolate: I was at a loss for words on this one, made with a recipe Katie developed personally. All the flavors and textures blended perfectly for the most divine German chocolate experience.
  • Three cupcakes from Katie's Cakery in RivertonHeavenly white cake with spiced chai buttercream: It melted in my mouth! It must be because “heavenly” in the name alludes to angel-food and because the frosting was meant to be drink-like.
  • Red velvet: This is one of Katie’s stuffed cupcakes. It is smooth and luxurious with a delightful chocolate ganache gem hidden inside. This moist, rich dessert will leave you feeling imperial.

Katie’s Cakery recently earned a mention in the Food Network, so if you don’t trust my binge-taste review, rest assured your eyes and taste buds will be delighted.

Menu: Custom cakes, cake pops, pies, cookies, brownies, and, of course, cupcakes every day. The display always holds classic, filled, and specialty cupcakes.

Lander Bake Shop

Cherry tart from Lander Bake Shop

Location: 259 Main Street, Lander
Sampled treat:

Cherry Tart: The Lander Bake Shop posted a picture of these artful tarts on Facebook with a recommendation that you share one with a friend. I did no such thing. Whether you split it or not, you’ll sink into perfectly crumbly pastry filled with rich, sweet cherry that just makes you want to slow down and look at colorful leaves—just like the golden ones settled gently atop the cherry filling. All this is topped with refreshing whipped cream.

Menu: Full menu of breakfast, lunch, coffee, and baked goodies. Cupcakes frequently, but there is always another appetizing option smiling at you through the glass.

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