July 17, 2023

Explore the Wind River Indian Reservation with TravelStorys

The Wind River Visitors Council is proud to announce the completion of the Wind River Indian Reservation TravelStorys Audio Tour. This tour is presented by the Wind River Visitors Council, the students at Fort Washakie High School with the support of the Fremont County School District #21 Board of Education and the Northern Arapaho Economic Development Commission. The tour began with 10 Eastern Shoshone sites and 11 Northern Arapaho sites were recently added.

TravelStorys is a Wyoming-based company that develops technology to present location-based, authentic content to inform, orient and inspire travelers in real time. TravelStorys creates podcast-like audio content about local attractions and routes. The audio launches automatically (hands-free) as travelers approach sites of interest, without requiring cellular service or Wi-Fi. Download the app and select the tour while still in an area with cellular or internet service, head out, and the stories will automatically play as the sites are approached.

Crowheart Butte
Crowheart Butte. Photo: Julie Falk

The Wind River Indian Reservation is the seventh-largest reservation in the United States and is home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. On this tour, learn about the culture, legends and history of the Wind River Indian Reservation and the two tribes who live there. The route follows Highways 287 and 26, passing through the communities of Ethete, Fort Washakie and Riverton.

The Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes once lived far apart and spoke different languages. On this tour, you’ll discover how the tribes came to reside on one reservation.

The reservation was home to both Sacajawea and Chief Washakie, two very famous historical figures. Visit their final resting places, both of which are located just outside of Fort Washakie. Learn about Sacajawea’s travels with Lewis and Clark and Chief Washakie’s extraordinary life as a leader of the Eastern Shoshone.

Take in the surrounding landscapes. Find out how the Popo Agie River got its name, its pronunciation, and see archaeological sites that line its shores. This tour also follows the majestic Wind River Mountains with views of the iconic Crowheart Butte, Ray Lake and Owl Creek Range.

St Stephens
St. Stephens Indian Mission Catholic Church. Photo: Wind River Country/Suite 1491

See the historical buildings of Robert’s Mission and Saint Stephens Indian Mission Catholic Church. Catholicism and Evangelism on the Wind River Indian Reservation dates back to the nineteenth century. 

Take in a rare and unique sighting of buffalo along Highway 26. After 131 years, buffalo were reintroduced to the Wind River Indian Reservation in 2016, thanks to the efforts of Jason Baldes, the Eastern Shoshone tribal buffalo coordinator, and his team. Buffalo were once integral to the daily lives of Native Americans, and visitors can now see herds roaming the lands where they thrived so long ago.

Buffalo along Highway 26. Photo: Wind River Country/Suite1491

This tour also includes practical information for recreating on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Make sure to get a tribal fishing permit and recreational stamp from Shoshone and Arapaho Fish and Game. An alternative is to pick one up at Hines General Store in downtown Fort Washakie.

Download the TravelStorys app for free, and enjoy the sights and stories of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

wild horse sanctuary
Wild horses on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Photo: Wind River Country
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