June 15, 2017

By Erica Bray. This piece was originally published on the Orbitz blog.

Orbitz: How to Experience Wyoming's Real Wild WestIf y’all want to tap the real wild west of Wyoming, get the heck out of Jackson Hole, and think beyond the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

While these three must-see destinations are popular for good reason, they also invite a parade of tourists and “Wild West” commercialization that can run counter to that uncrowded, rough-around-the-edges mythology you’d expect of the West—the one made famous by the cowboys, frontiersmen, Native tribes and westbound settlers who first explored this landscape.

To uncover places that capture the Wild West spirit of these pioneers with rugged authenticity and fewer crowds, you’ll have to ditch the upscale hotels and mass-marketed tours that originate from Jackson and venture a bit further afield with a little DIY bravado.

Read the full post and what Erica wrote about Lander, the Wind River Indian Reservation, and Dubois in Wyoming’s Wind River Country.
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