The National Bighorn Sheep Center offers customizable, in-the-field tours for visitors to the Dubois area. These tours will allow guests to see the Bighorn Museum as well as the Whiskey Basin Wildlife Habitat Management Area, with an in-vehicle guide narrating the whole trip and answering questions.

A great time to see bighorn sheep is during their rutting season, when rams are fighting for females and the sheep are moving from their higher elevation summer habitat to their lower winter habitat. The rut generally happens in late November and December.

  • Each tour can be fully personalized to fit the individual’s (or small group’s) wants, such as focusing on wildlife biology, geology, photography, etcetera.
  • The Bighorn Center provides transportation during the tour.
  • Tour size can range from one person to a maximum of seven guests.
  • Tours have a base price of $200, plus $100 for each additional person over two people.
  • An eco-tour is generally three hours long.
  • Binoculars and spotting scopes are available for use during the tour, but guests are encouraged to bring their own spotting equipment as well as cameras.


  • Meet at the National Bighorn Sheep Center at 9 a.m. for coffee, meeting your guide and a tour of the Museum’s exhibits for background information.
  • Travel to the Whiskey Basin Wildlife Habitat Management Area (Three Lakes Area) for potential wildlife sightings, field trip information and breathtaking views.
  • Return to the National Bighorn Sheep Center around noon.