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Dude & Guest Ranch Vacations

Cowboying is a way of life in Wind River Country. You can be a cowboy or cowgirl at any of our dude and guest ranches. Round up and rope the cattle, and after a long day enjoy a home cooked meal and sit by the campfire. Each ranch experience is unique- trail riding, fishing, ranch rodeos, kids activities and training clinics-and they all give a personalized dude ranch experience you won’t soon forget.

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The Cowboy Way

Around here, the cowboy way equates to good old-fashioned western hospitality. When you’re in a place where there are more wildlife than people per square mile, you learn to appreciate a little socializing when it comes your way. People are helpful and friendly in Wind River Country and take great pride in their cowboy heritage and love to share it with others.

Wind River Experience

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"Suddenly I am convinced I, too, am a true cowgirl."

There is something invigorating and transformative about being in Wind River Country. Perhaps it is the fresh mountain air, but suddenly I am convinced I, too, am a true cowgirl. Then I remember: I’m not.

But that’s OK. There are plenty of places in Wind River Country to help me live out the fantasy or even to teach me some skills to make it a reality.

There are an abundance of dude and guest ranches in Wind River Country and they provide the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Western lifestyle.

Small ranches, many family-owned and in operation for generations, personalize your stay. Working cattle ranches give you a peek into the life of real cowboys and cowgirls. Some ranches hold team cattle sortings, or even host their own rodeos, giving you a front-row seat to the distinctly Western sport.

There are ranches that cater to families and offer barbecues, swimming and games like horseshoes and volleyball and even a chance to sleep in a teepee. There are youth programs, including riding lessons, just for kids.

If you are looking for a trip that combines modern and old fashioned fun, some of the ranches provide ATVs in the summer months or snowmobiles in the winter.

Explore the vast trails and big country on overnight pack trips offered by some ranches. Or hone your skills in horse training clinics. Many have structured lessons to learn how to ride, or, if you are already a seasoned rider, improve your horsemanship.

There are always other activities if you had your fill of riding for the day. Hike nearby trails, or simply explore the ranch where you are staying. Fish private streams or go with your seasoned host, who might just show you a few of his or her favorite spots near the ranch. Go wildlife watching and learn about the area’s plants and geology—some of the ranches have their own naturalist on staff.

The quiet of walking the mountains or along a river can be as relaxing as a massage.

Or you can get an actual massage. Some places provide spa services on site.

Basically there is a ranch to meet whatever trip you want and isn’t that really the ultimate fantasy. Ride the range and feel like a rugged cowboy—until you get a little sore in the saddle, then spend the afternoon fishing or swimming or simply staring out at the impressive scenery.

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