March 22, 2020

Wyoming’s Wind River Country is home to three breathtaking state parks, and now you can explore them from your own home. Whether it’s a disappearing river, a massive reservoir in the midst of an arid landscape, gold under the bridge, or dinosaurs (whaaat?), you should always expect the unexpected when you’re visiting State Parks—virtually or in person! Join us on these state park virtual tours:

Boysen State Park Virtual Tour

Boysen State Park is named for the reservoir it’s built around. The reservoir was created when the Wind River was dammed at the mouth of the Wind River Canyon. Today, the park is a recreational hotspot for camping, hiking, rockhounding, fishing, and water sports. The State Parks team is always looking out for guests, young and old. Can you spot them coming to the rescue of a group of kids?

Boysen State Park Virtual Tours

Sinks Canyon State Park Virtual Tour

A river runs into a canyon wall and, instead of turning, continues down a cave and out of sight. The same river bubbles up in a pool a quarter mile away and continues down the canyon. You have to see it to believe it, and you can see it right here. There is a lot of history and a lot of unknowns in this canyon—you may spot some surprising visitors captured in this virtual tour.

Sinks Canyon State Park Virtual Tours

South Pass City State Historical Site Virtual Tour

This old ghost town has boomed and busted a number of times. The crowds have come and gone, but some gold remains. Though you can’t exactly pan for gold through your screen, you can walk among the more than 40 buildings that have been restored and soak up the beauty of Wyoming’s early boom towns.

Expect the Unexpected on these State Park Virtual Tours

State park virtual tours are a special, new way to get a taste of Wyoming’s Wind River Country before you have the opportunity to safely and responsibly visit in person.

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