January 15, 2018

Follow Wyoming Stage Stop Dog Sled Race with Local Favorite

Jerry Bath, of Lander, has long held a starring role in the Wyoming Stage Stop Race. The local favorite and resident star started racing sled dogs in 1998 and started participating in the Wyoming Stage Stop in 2008. And this year, he’ll hold an exciting new role in the race.

An injury is keeping Bath from racing this year, but not from participating. He is this year’s race commentator.

Bath will follow the dog sled stages through Wyoming Jan. 26 through Feb. 3, including a stage in Wyoming’s Wind River Country. Thanks to his familiarity with the sport of dogsled racing and with this particular event, Bath’s commentary will be insightful and straightforward. The locals are thrilled to follow the race through his eyes.

Though Bath is limited to the sidelines by doctors’ orders, he will gather information throughout the stage race from the trail crew, mushers, photographers, time sheets, split times, etc. and provide his opinion on what is developing.

And tough Jerry won’t be on the trails, his dogs, another set of local favorites, will continue his presence in the annual event.

“I have leased out most of my dogs for the season and am anxious to see some of them compete on other teams,” Bath said.

Fans of the Wyoming Stage Stop and Bath will get to meet him and the racers—canine and human—at the Meet the Teams event on Lander’s Main Street Jan. 30 at 5:30 p.m.

The next morning, spectators are invited to see the teams take off for the Lander stage from the Louis Lake parking lot south of town on Hwy. 28.

“I fully expect to be back on the race circuit next year,” Bath said, so don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the experts in the Super Bowl of dog sled racing.

Stay tuned to http://www.wyomingstagestop.org/ and Facebook for updates from Bath.

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