January 3, 2020

New Year’s Resolutions are a pretty common topic of conversation this time of year. It’s also common knowledge that most are broken in less than a week. So this year instead of getting disappointed when you don’t stick to your commitment, try something new:

Entice yourself to start again with rewards

So what if you didn’t last a full year without having any sugar? So what if you didn’t even last two weeks? You can still work on improving your diet over the long-term while you aim for a big reward like a vacation.

woman and dog at an overlook
Hike Red Canyon. Photo: Cinthia Hayford

When you get to Wind River Country, you can eat whatever you want, because calories don’t count way up here among the state’s tallest peaks and the Continental Divide. Earn your calories on beautiful hikes or ski trips in the Wind River and Absaroka Mountains. Or take it to the next level and go backpacking deep into the mountains (pack the sugar or don’t, we won’t judge).

Reward yourself for lasting as long as you did

Two men ride horses through the badlands near Dubois.
Ride the badlands ridges as reward for improving yourself in January. Photo: Gary Kunis

You got to the gym every day for how many days? Great work! Now you can get to Wind River Country and keep working on that fitness. Learn to rock climb or give cowboying a shot. Zip around the ever-growing mountain bike trail systems of Wind River Country. Then head downtown and relish a well-earned local beef burger and local brew for a double reward.

Get over it and focus on what you really want to get out of 2020

You only said you’d save more money because you wanted to take yourself on a fabulous vacation. But if you take have a fabulous vacation for less, then you’d really be saving, right? Wyoming’s Wind River Country takes a little effort to get to, but it’s worth it.

Your hotels, gas, and meals will cost a fraction of what they would in Jackson or Yellowstone, and you can still bop over Togwotee Pass to check those bucket-list items off your list. Most of what makes Wind River Country so appealing is the great outdoors, which charge no admission.

What to do if you’ve already broken your New Year’s Resolution
Moments like this cost nothing and mean everything. Decide you’re worth it in 2020. Photo: Bill Sincavage
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